Karl Chilcott


Shows offer a chance to experiences Art in Nature in a special way,
mostly far away from white walls. The place specifik nature of the work
wants to be experienced within nature by Art Walkings, shows in sculpture
parks or other outdoor exhibitions. Otherwise photographs are the only
remaining art works.

2011 The Golden Age, Bottna Landart, Sweden
2012 Return, Wood Sculpture Symposium Burg Abenberg, Germany
2012 Wool Symposium, El Arreciado, Spain;
2013 The Eternal Moment, an one night art show, Sweden
2013 Kunstmaand Ameland, The Netherlands
2014 Ice Age – 2. one night art show in a mountain shelter, Sweden
2014 Poetic Stones, 4th Biennale Humus Park Landart Meeting, Italy
2014 Major & Minor, BoscoArteStenico, Italy
2015 Konstnärshuset Stockholm, Sweden
2015 Øgold, Denmark
2016 Ronneby, Sweden
2016 Blue Night, Nürnberg, Germany
2016 Art & Ecology, Strömstad, Sweden
2016 Palmer Bienniale Adelaide, Australia;
2016 Sculpture Garden, Kaipara Coast, New Zealand

Poetic Stones, Italy, 2014

Dressed, Sweden, 2014

Spinning Trees, Spain 2012

The Gate, Sweden 2016

The Last Rainbow, Australia 2016

Drift Wood, Sweden, 2014

Ship to the Past, Sweden 2011

Facing, Italy, 2014

Travellers, Denmark, 2015

Elm Fire, Sweden, 2014

The House in the Dunes, Netherlands, 2013

Ice Age, Sweden, 2014

Melting Truth, Germany 2016