Karl Chilcott


I work with stones and bones, trunks and branches, flowers, feathers,
grass, sands, lines in the landscape, moss, flowers, ferns, trees, roots,
drift wood, seaweed and shells, glaciers, ice and snow, rain and fog,
traces and cultural left overs, tide and waves, shadows and lights,
echoes from the past and stories. Celebrating Nature, working in
“Essential Loneliness” (Maurice Blanchot) is my idea. With my
installations and sculptures I want to express the place that
is attracting me. The message is growing in a dialogue between
me and the place, the nature surrounding. Open mind and empty
hands is the way I try to experience, to come closer to a place.
After documentation I dismantle my works immediately.
Left are experiences of another space behind time.

2012 The Space of Sheep, Art in Nature project, El Arreciado, Spain
2012 The Last Stop, Art in Nature project, Ireland, Cill Rialaig
2012 Catalan Earth, Art in Nature project Montserrat, Spain
2013 Jardarteikn, Art in Nature project, Nes, Skagaströnd, Iceland
2013 East & West - Flower Installation, France
2014 The New Found Land, Art in Nature project, Newfoundland, Canada
2013 Bone installation, El Arreciado, Spain
2015 Dream Land – Wollemi National Park, Australia
2016 Floating Rocks, Faroe Islands
2016 Highlands, Scotland

Stone Flow, Ireland, 2012

Slate Flower, Ireland, 2012

Stone Roses, Ireland, 2012

Eighteen Stones, Ireland, 2012

The Stone Whirl, Ireland, 2012

Crossing Time, Ireland, 2012

Green Defence Circle, Spain, 2012

Bone Circle, Spain, 2013

Wool Flow, Spain, 2012

East & West, France, 2013

Floating Rock, Iceland, 2013

Wreck Age, Iceland, 2013

The Mountains, Iceland, 2013

Summer, Iceland, 2013

Resonance, Iceland, 2013

Nerves, Iceland, 2013

Rock Jewelry Diadem, Newfoundland, 2014

Quartz Fantasy, Newfoundland, 2014

Barrens Nerves, Newfoundland, 2014

Rock Roots, Newfoundland, 2014

Walking with Stones, Newfoundland, 2014

Green Stones, Australia, 2015

Haikus, Australia, 2015

Rain Forest Poetry, Australia, 2015

Stone Garden, Australia, 2015

Termite Art, Australia, 2015

Bark Song Line, Australia, 2015

Creek Dreamings, Australia, 2015

Moonlight Shadows, Australia, 2015

Song Lines, Australia, 2015

Tide Lines, Faroe Islands, 2016

Lava Shell Lines, Faroe Islands, 2016

Northern Light Bow, Faroe Islands, 2016

Idea of a Tree, Faroe Islands, 2016

Talking Places, Faroe Islands, 2016

Wheel of Time, Faroe Islands, 2016

Refound Forms, Faroe Islands, 2016

Written in stone, Scottland, 2016

Green and Grey, Scotland, 2016

White Snake, Scotland, 2016

Sad Stones, Scotland, 2016

Red and Grey, Scotland, 2016

Diary, Scotland, 2016

Talkings, Australia, 2016